Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation. Question 5

How did you attract or address your audience? 
My audience ranges between older teenagers and young adults; mainly of the student age so I have designed my magazine in a way that will attract them to buy it. I am also looking to attract a female audience. I did this by featuring a woman of a similar age to my audience on the cover who would be considered as someone who would appeal to female audience. This could be due to her pose, her clothing and and facial expression. Although the colours aren't particularly feminine, I think they would be aesthetically pleasing to a female because they coordinate with the photograph and look quite stylized. The cover lines feature slightly more female artists than the average magazine cover, which I again think would appeal to a more female audience despite the music not necessarily targeting a particular genre. Also I have chosen predominantly British artists, with only three non British artists featuring on the cover. This would attract the audience as they I feel they would be more interested in British acts, possibly due to the fact there will be more chance to see them perform live. I think the banner featuring the festival news would address the audience as it targets a certain age group that festivals are very popular with; the young people in my target audience. The fact I have offered a chance to win tickets to a festival would also attract my audience as they would be keen to go to the festival. 
The contents is designed for my audience because they would most likely be semi literate in the genre of music and would therefore understand the short brief descriptions and the ways in which they relate to the particular feature. They would also follow the mainly formal language I have used throughout my pages. I feel the pictures would be attractive to them as they are all of young, supposedly successful or upcoming artists who they would aspire to be like as well as being able to relate to because of their age. The fact many of my features gives readers a better insight into bands is also a feature that I feel would attract my audience. For example, the behind the scenes interviews gives the audience the chance to feel closer to their favourite artist. I think by giving the different pages subheadings such as the reviews section would appeal to the audience because it helps them go straight away to the parts of the magazine they are interested in. 

The language I have used in the interview would appeal because of the interview style; the voice of the youthful artist featured would effectively relate to my audience. I also think the photograph on the double page spread would appeal to my audience, the styling and pose of it I found to be very popular among my friends who would fit into my audience. The cover line that reads 'Music was always going to be a part of my life' would appeal to my audience as I feel they could relate to this as by buying my type of magazine that music is an important part of their life, with which they have an invested interest. This would make the artist more appealing to the reader because they feel they have something in common. The interview represents the artist in a very positive light,pointing out qualities of the artist that the audience would respect. I think the fact that the interview focuses mainly on music as oppose to other features such as fashion would attract my audience as they would be more interested to know the story behind the artists music than what they are planning on wearing to a festival for example. 
Overall, I think I have done a lot of things to attract my audience and address them in an appropriate manner. I think I achieved this by focusing on my audience profile and the requirements of my audience. I also focused a lot on the way in which I was going to represent my artist to appeal to the audience whilst still fitting in a believable magazine. The content is also focused around what I know people who would buy the magazine like, as my friends would be this audience.

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